Spring 2016: 85

Intermediate Modern Irish

4 units
TuTh 3:30-5
283 Dwinelle
Instructor: Eddie Stack

A Continuation of Celtic Studies 15

 A course for students with a basic knowledge of Irish. Students will learn intermediate Irish grammar, and develop the ability to understand, speak, read and write the language.

The course will emphasize Irish language conversation in class and

students will be introduced to everyday idioms and phrases. Students will also read simple poetry and prose. Music, song and video will be used to facilitate the learning process and set the language in a cultural context for students. Live Skype hook-up with native speakers in Ireland will be part of the class.

There will be no prescribed text for this course. Text handouts from various Irish will be given in class. It is highly recommended that all students have an English/Irish dictionary, such as the Pocket Oxford Irish Dictionary. ISBN0-19-860254-5

 Prerequisites: Completion of Celtic Studies 15; consent of instructor.