Fall 2016: 16

Introduction to Modern Welsh

4 units
MW 4-5:30
6307 Dwinelle Hall
Instructor: Kathryn Klar

This is an entry level class in colloquial, spoken Modern Welsh. We will be learning the dialect of South Welsh (Cymraeg y De), but the instructor will include information about the differences (not huge) between North and South Welsh.

Welsh is a wonderful and interesting language, and it is something of a “linguistic miracle.” It is now flourishing in Wales, but at the end of the 20th century, many people expected it would completely die out by the year 2000. Instead, a dedicated political movement in Wales brought it back as a language of everyday life. Welsh authors, poets, musicians, journalists, filmmakers, and artists continue (and extend) traditions stretching back more than 1500 years. In addition to the lively main text, the course will be supplemented with materials from the contemporary Welsh arts and literature scene.

The main (required) text:

Cwrs Mynediad (Fersiwn y De  by Elin Meek, and accompanying workbook.

Published by the Welsh Joint Education Committee.

Students who know they intend to take the course should order their books immediately from gwales.com. Be sure to order the South Wales (De) version of the texts.

Text: http://www.gwales.com/bibliographic/?isbn=9781860856105&tsid=4

Workbook:  http://www.gwales.com/bibliographic/?isbn=9781860856129&tsid=5

Students can also wait until the beginning of the semester if they are not sure they want to take the class, but may have to pay higher shipping costs from Wales.

Note that Cwrs Mynediad will be the text for entire first year (two semesters) of Welsh. Students will not have to buy another text until the second year. The cost of books for this class is, therefore, minimal.